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tv   Headline News  RT  September 21, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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syrian government going to leave behind chemical weapons danger to the hague based . its approach to the assad government may change if it finds out is not playing by the rules. european diplomats on rights acts of its lashonda isro play made soldiers a run of the mob in the west bank no giving up thought about international law. also there's now one the call and decides whether to ditch the united kingdom but as the days the window the rhetoric is ratcheting up with oil the centerpiece of disagreement. new yorkers are damaged still on the release of students a big turn up and detained by police during a street protest against a thing with the cia chief being appointed
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a professor. and welcome to all t twenty while the news life the mosque i mean. breaking news this hour the international chemical weapons watch dog says this sewer and government has complied with its promise and hundred over the last remaining details of its talks to the agency this comes as part of syria's chemical design month plan hama down to russian washington last week and she's afraid i'm going to ask her how cities. maskers has fulfilled its obligation to send all the documents regarding its chemical stockpile to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or the o.p.c. w. now of course the w. has to work out
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a framework in order to deal with the procedures of the disarmament of syria they were supposed to hold a meeting on that on sunday but they have a phone that indefinitely of course that was before it became known that damascus has already sent the entire package of documents needed to all b. c w so we'll have to wait and see exactly what will transpire now but the united nations is slated to hold a discussion in new york in the coming week in order to legitimize a good deal hammered out between moscow and washington about a week ago in geneva according to that deal damascus has until the middle of two thousand and fourteen in order to complete a disarmament program now there is of course some difficulties involved there with and that is the fact that the chemical stockpiles are the syrian chemical stockpiles are actually distributed between various points in the country and not all of those parts are controlled entirely by the official damascus and of course
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there is also some disagreements when it comes to the wording of the potential u.n. resolution where london washington and paris that want to see the threat of military intervention be included in the provisions of the potential u.n. resolution and moscow says such a provision would be counterproductive the head of russian presidential administrations have given also when speaking in stockholm earlier on saturday said that russia is not going to veto any u.n. resolution on syria out of principle but he said that there is absolutely no excluding the possibility of russia changing its stance when i'm not directing the syrian government we're predicting international and if in future for example. ridiculous you pathetically but if we become sure russia will become sure that for example. we might change your position but so far we don't have such evidence but again russia has been adamant about about the necessity of the
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diplomatic solution of the syrian crisis and has been pushing the syrian government towards the discussion table russia has done its part under the russian american initiative on may seventh we have secured the mascot's commitment to send to geneva conference. american partners for to do the same talks with the opposition it also looks like according to sergei one of that the syrian opposition doesn't seem to be so interested in getting to the discussion table on top of that it is notoriously does fragmented with some inner scuffles happening sporadically over the past several years as a matter of fact and also we must not forget about the fact that there are also numerous groups within syria itself which are fighting supposedly for the opposition but at the same time they are openly affiliated with al qaida and of course issued a military involvement being in fact put in place by states such as the united
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states or france or the united kingdom of course that would mean a complete and total mayhem in syria something which has we we have already seen happening in countries such as libya is there are those who are being accusations its army mole treated a group of european diplomats and human rights activists in the west bank on friday there were accompanying an aid convoy on a very to a palestinian village that had previously been demolished by israel soldiers also seized one of the trucks pull us here reports now on the events that have caused such fury. particular incident happened on fine day from the information we have a group of european diplomats were driving in a truck when they were fired out by the israeli army now they say that they were targeted by some grenades that a french diplomat was literally yanked from the truck before the army drove away the diplomats had inside the struck tents as well as emergency supplies that they
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were trying to deliver to a bed one community that earlier in the week had seen its homes its kindergarden and its stables demolished by the israeli army now we've been unable to get any kind of comment from either the israeli police or the israeli army what i can tell you is that this is one of three bedroom communities that in the last six weeks has been targeted by the israeli army for this particular community that comprises of some one hundred twenty people in the west bank there was a court given a court order given by the israeli high court for the army to demolish the homes saying that they were illegal but it does point to a much bigger problem that you have here in the west bank among between communities and that is that the communities themselves say that they need the land for the grazing of the cattle that the families have lived here for generations and that they simply have nowhere else to go in this particular community there were two attempts earlier in the week by the european community to try and reach the bad
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ones they did manage to get to them and put up some tents before these were forcibly taken down by the israeli army now the european diplomats who come from countries such as bush and finance spain ireland and australia as you can well imagine are furious they say that there's been a complete disregard for the diplomatic immunity and they are calling on the international community to apply and pressurizes role to it here in the international law human rights activist peter tatchell told r.t. israel should be held to task under international law. every aspect of this incident is in defiance of both israeli and international law the starting point of course is that this incident happened in the occupied territories which the global consensus is that israel is illegally occupying since they were seized in the one nine hundred sixty seven war so israel shouldn't even be there but if it is going to be there as the occupying power it has
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a duty to safeguard the wealth and interest of all the people in that territory and quite clearly denying the two destitute palestinians who've had their homes demolished by abuse really military but is quite clearly not fulfilling their obligations under international law to safeguard people in the territories they control the sea and coming up later this hour the white house is making tentative steps towards iran's offer of negotiations washington to restrict talks something that hasn't happened in decades as long as tel run keeps its nuclear and military programmes in separate beds that's coming your way. there's now only a year to go before the scottish independence swallowed and supporters are marking the date with a mass march through that northern capital edinburgh but even though time is ticking it's far from clear which way the world will swing separatists
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a huge oil reserves will guarantee the country's fortunes while london says the north and south and better off together saf reports now from the scottish capital. pro scottish independence campaign is getting ready to march through the streets of edinburgh now we're expected to have talks from scotland's first minister alex salmond and police expecting that they'll be a large turnout last year they estimated five thousand people attended the rally organizers put that number as high as ten thousand and again today thousands expected to show up of course this time next year it will be decided of course is voters will be asked yes no question on the eighteenth of september twenty forty scotland become an independent country of course before that question can be answered both sides of that campaign going to be really trying to persuade that
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chunk of the population that as yet still undecided and there are some big questions to answer now in november we're going to see the government publishing is white paper on independence is going to be vital for the yes campaign to once the big questions still remain over scotland's currency if she is of welfare and pensions and over the role of north sea oil as well the rally today marking one year to go and of course we'll be bringing you all the latest from that throughout the day meanwhile the british government and unionists have no shortage of reasons as to why scotland should stay and amongst them is the only game and that the north is a small country simply wouldn't be able to make it on its own oil or not but out of romsey just sell the our kingdom u.k. political blog finds that argument insulting. goldman's got the same population is denmark about big country the norway in fact if you look at a list of countries by population in the world scotland is right in the middle it's
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the same size as the median country so i mean the idea that a normal sized country can't survive is insulting to all those other smaller countries who do very well and certainly i mean obviously candy very well it's a very very rich country or the richest country on earth capita and i don't see any good reason to see why scotland couldn't make it like denmark. major bosses in germany are making their final pitch for votes about chancellor merkel is a sure way to wait for one little known group of steps to put a spine of the wax on political wrangling to form a coalition government against that's coming up after the break.
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for which probably the most complex and difficult to. believe. in the phenomenon of friendly fire probably extends back to the invention of gunpowder. if you will a bunch of people who don't know the one thing they're friendlies they're really us people. reading. this somebody shoots my brother in the leg not intentional because it is because it was night time for the morning even the best even the belch children. are going to make mistakes this is this whole idea of brotherhood and order and then camaraderie in this sense it was in this context that has absolutely no place.
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it will change policy is good to have you with us let's move on now dozens of academics and says he and of us stayed in new york blocking protests against that point and of the former cia chief david petraeus as a teacher that all signed a petition for charges to be dropped against sixty eight and so arrested during a notice trade protest media has emerged showing police basing on the activists while detaining them oh she's wearing a fortnight has worn out. four star general and former cia director david petraeus recently began his new career here in the big apple as an adjunct professor for the new york city public university known as kuni but his attendance has been met with broad criticism from students faculty and staff members who say they don't want their college to host the man who oversaw wars drone strikes and alleged torture
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tactics in the middle east now for the past few weeks this anti professor patrol his movement has been gaining traction recently activists tell me that they're on their campaign has been met with heavy handed tactics from the new york city police department though earlier this week about seventy five people were marching right around here across the street from that building where professor pre-trained was allegedly attending a fundraiser and that's when a fight broke out between new york city police officers and protesters cops who videotaped trying to barricade the activists who then spilled out onto the streets witnesses say students were punched slammed against to be equals and on to the pavement by the cops eventually six people were arrested and have been charged with obstruction of governmental administration riot resisting arrest and disorderly
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conduct twenty four year old denise ford is among the six students that were arrested during the protest and spent twenty eight hours in police custody she joins me now to talk about her experience timmy's tell me what led to your arrest i believe that some of us were already targeted by the police so that you know they were going to rise and then i mean they pushed us into the street and it just started from there where they grabbed one of mine about like subban said fifteen cops slammed his head against the car and we're just all on top of. so then i went to try to help him out and within the process i ended up falling in between two cars on to the back of my head then i proceeded to get up and then when i looked to the back of me there's another about like. cars on top of my other car to reduce and which i witness they picked up his shirt. and
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a plain clothes officer just takes to life blows to his kid and then the cop just came and grabbed me pull me. and then just called i believe this was also an intimidation type used by the n.y.p.d. why is it that so many people are so on happy with his new position as a visiting professor and what he represents is what we're getting it's not his character it's what he represents imperialism capital its own. war. mystic way dozens of academics have signed onto a petition calling for all charges against the six cuny students to be dropped in the interim according to reports a growing number of staff and faculty members are also calling on america's former intelligence chief to resign from his position as a visiting professor reporting from new york. r.t.
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. and there's always a much more stories on our website for you including the veteran species in canada all the officials have taken into account social media complains by wounded soldiers about paul state cat the swift reaction was to for him to complaining. underway now envision a section with stunning pictures for you from major world events including biz gallery of shots from the recent last row shots in the greens all the hot. chancellor angela merkel looks set to win a set time when germans go to the polls for parliamentary election on sunday
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germany has largely mohnish said don't wish they can on the problems that have crippled a number of its european member. neighbors i should say but many of its citizens are better at a decline in personal spending power and a rise in secure part time work to all of the house well it's billed as europe's economic success story the german voters feel the country is split between the haves and the have nots germans are rich yeah ten percent of germans are only fifty to sixty percent of all the capital and the gap is getting bigger. our society is divided there are pretty soon germany like here in both homes that are so poor the streets are industry pair and the theaters have to shut down this town is broke. for most people the financial situation isn't good which isn't the image many of germany's european partners have of the federal republic. and i think if
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you were to ask someone from spain they would tell you germany is an economic land of milk and honey but that just isn't the case perhaps thirty years ago but after reunification and the pressures of staying competitive globally those days are gone . one of the ways germany has stayed competitive is by trying to keep wages low and i know plenty of spaniards and greeks who come to berlin looking for work they are scandalized by how low our pay is it's not enough to survive it. in the run up to this election the main opposition is campaigned on a platform of introducing a minimum wage of eight euro fifty per hour the current german government has dismissed those calls i'm glad merkel's party insists that the introduction of a minimum wage would destroy job creation however these people here as a way just want a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. we need a minimum wage here and it has to be at a level that people can live on to provide for their families i mean there are so
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many jobs around that barely enough so you can survive i think eight fifty proposed by the s.d.p. is too low i think it should be closer to twelve per hour. so cold many jobs have also grabbed voters' attention ahead of sunday's ballot almost a quarter of the workforce are employed in these part time and often low paid jobs . meaning jobs are no good you can contribute to a pension was four hundred euro these days everyone in the family has to work i sit with my roommate we realized we make to a little cash it's a case of either we give up our studies and find more work or we lose our flat. whoever comes out on top from sunday's ballot is going to face the continuing task of keeping germany's economy on track while at the same time trying to please a workforce which feels underpaid and under appreciated peter all of the r.t.
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germany and any upstart party called the alternative for germany looks like it could ruffle the feathers of their stylish players in sunday's election polls show it could bank five percent of the vote and that's enough to tip it over the line and into parliament dr kristen schmidt is deputy of the brunch and he says voters are coming round to the idea that the euro currency is holding the economy back. i believe that the fact that the euro is not working the way it was supposed to from the beginning is finally making headway with and some of the voters who look beyond today's difficulties and look into the long term where germany at one point or the other will have to carry the bill for all the payment for all the. systems that have been set in place one measure after the other to bail out greece and other countries and therefore there's a rising discontent that this very subject the year old has been swept under the carpet by the main parties so far none of the issues neither and there's no syrian
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or anything else has sort of a major policy do not seem to be interest the german electorate germany has weathered the global financial storms of the last five years relatively well but as the kaiser report lays out at sixteen thirty jan t. even europe's industrial powerhouse isn't immune from the whims of key players in the world of finance. the collapse of lehman was a market signal that suit should have alerted the government and everyone participating in these markets that their massive reform was needed but instead they interpreted that market saying bill as a way to make the situation much worse again i made the comparison to theocratic fanatical religious extremists who misread their fundamentalist texts and everything they read suggest that they should blow themselves up in other people same thing as lloyd blankfein and warren buffet everything they read says i should blow everything up i should commit mass terrorism that's the message that they get
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from the from the price signals that they receive it's a breakdown in capitalism unfortunately and this predictable because unfortunately the price of money is close to zero and access to money is ubiquitous by the stock received in america ruled by the least qualified not to mention the kleptocracy on wall street. the us is cautiously moving towards iran which has recently come out with open hands offering to discuss his controversial nuclear program but white house has said it's ready to talk as long as tehran's willing to provide proof its atomic ambitions are strictly limited to the civil sector and joe rogan from the anti nuclear pressure group the plough shaz fund says this could be a breakthrough for the whole of the middle east. it's clear that there is time and space for diplomacy it's clear that the same sheens that the international community the united nations russia the europeans the united states have put on
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iran have really gotten the iranian leader's attention and the deal recently between the united states and russia on syria's chemical weapons has demonstrated that diplomacy can work now it's a question of will it be followed through by assad the same can be said for iran if we can see these issues resolved diplomatically it's going to create a sense of stability in what has been a very unstable region and that certainly is in the interest of the people who live there as well as the united states and russia. now for some international news and briefly this hour in kenya at least fifteen people have died after a group of armed men stormed a shopping center firing guns and hundred. have also been injured in that time a witness said the government asked muslims to leave saying no muslims would be targeted soldiers and gauge their time off an hour after the shooting began but no group has claimed responsibility for that sold. the co-founder of the
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on going taliban has been released from a jail in pakistan according to unconfirmed reports ghani baradar was a key figure of the militant insurgency after the taliban were toppled by the u.s. in two thousand and one he was arrested three years ago the afghan government have previously called for him to be freed saying his release would hope the peace process. a super time for you to sign you one of the strongest storms of this year with wind speeds of two hundred forty kilometers an hour is swimming towards hong kong it's already strong to philippines and taiwan triggering landslides and severe flooding the massive storm is expected to hit china sunday morning although four thousand people have already been evacuated from coastal areas close to taiwan. and coming up next we're examining big causes behind the increasing amount of friendly fire in brissenden military phrasing.
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i got some angry but politely most are in favor of the foreign adoption ban of russian children by people in the usa this is not a dig on america i think russia or any country that respects itself should export any children to any word all people told me learned paranoid that the decision to stop the ford adoptions punishes the children were a matter. investigation called the child exchange has exposed some dark secrets about adoption of foreign children they expose it often by using the term re homing which is normally about finding new homes for animals people are basically advertising adopted children they don't want like baseball cards on e bay just found out that on just one yahoo group child a week was offered up to the public my wonder what kind of people want to discreetly get children off the internet the thing is that in the us adopting a child from overseas is hard but transferring them to someone else later on is
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a breeze all you need is a notarized power of attorney document to clearing the child is another adult care so for those of you who think that i am a cruel nationals because i support russian adoption ban then take a look at the child exchange and you might just start to see my point but that's just my opinion. speak your language. programs and documentaries and spanish. angles stories. visit. the research of dr scott's a retired lieutenant colonel in the harvard business school highlights the difficulties
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in determining both the cause of and criminal culpability in friendly fire incidents so friendly fire have a perverse relationship with friendly fire paratrooper in eighty second airborne division was a victim of friendly fire in operation urgent fury and grenada and so for years this was ninety three i had a perverse sense of curiosity how could sometimes some of the best trained best equipped people in the world sometimes fall short of the mark in his book friendly fire dr snow. investigates an encounter in a no fly zone in which two u.s. f. fifteen fighters shot down to u.s. army black hawk helicopters instantly killing twenty six u.n. peacekeepers this happened in one thousand nine hundred four full three years after the end of the first gulf war it was a high shooting war going around there's not a lot of bad guys running around on the ground there aren't a lot of enemy planes flying around near broad daylight unlimited visibility relatively benign conditions at the time can play in this one in the fall before on
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the call sheet that morning the two f. fifteen pilots were briefed that they would be the first aircraft to enter the no fly zone by regulation no helicopters were allowed to fly into the zone without fighter coverage however unbeknown to the f. fifteen pilots a last minute early morning trip was scheduled to get peacekeepers to appeal a town deep in northern iraq when the pilots enter the no fly zone that morning they were alarmed to see two helicopters appear on their radar nobody's supposed to be in front of them that day so you're already your expectations these are probably enemy helicopters that speeded that out too that this since all you're trying to figure out is a hip isn't something which soviet as a nation have come through. for the army's rules of engagement the f. fifteen approached the blackhawks to visually confirm that they were enemy aircraft before firing they were trained on this they take a lot of pride in this but of course a black hawk u.s. army black hawk. was config.


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